Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Musical "She loves me"

Another weekend, I went to see a musical called "She loves me" at a small theater called rabbit run theater. It was a cute little theater, and the show was great! The main character was performed by one of the card planner I worked with at AG, and I went there with couple other people from AG too.

Thank you! > E & D

Photo with the star of the night.

You were great! > B


Hannah Sherman said...

hey yuka! i saw your art on GDG and fell in love with it!( which led me here) AND i see you know Emily! she and i were roommates in college! haha small world! keep up the great work!

Yuka said...

Awww....how sweet! Thanks for checking my stuff, Hannah! Such a small world...and I love it! :D