Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zipper sleeping at work

Here is Zipper sleeping on his new panda-bed on top of the dog cushion I bought for him.My good friend/ex-roommate gave me this very cute panda cushion. Thanks! > BIN The teddy bear was a sweet gift from Zipper's new friend Terry. Thanks! >Terry (Terry also let him borrow the white monkey.)

Yes, Zipper is spoiled quite a bit.


I also got this waiting for me in my cube.
Thank you Susan! :)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ice Cream + even more welcome

Someone made these balloon ice cream and paper corn for the "ice cream social" to welcome me and Zipper for their teams! :) We also got a bag of welcome gifts. Yummy treats for Zipper, Starbucks gift card (w/ nice design) , note pads, and somebody's favorite pen!

How can you NOT love these people? :D

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Welcome board

Isn't this the sweetest thing?
This is the welcome board I found in my cube on my first day at AG!

They even had a toy for Zipper!

American Greetings

Here is my dream company.
American Greetings

Arriving Cleveland

I finally got the photos to show! :)This is just out side of the airport.
It was such a pretty day.

Here is everything I brought with me to Cleveland.

My hotel room.

Friday, June 19, 2009

My First Poodle card!?

I get to plan and design a poodle card now! :D
Of course it has to be a girl poodle, since there is no such a thing as a boy poodle in the greeting card industry,according to my boss!

Oh well, one day...!!

One day...I will make a poodle card which is not white or pink! Hah!

Friday, June 12, 2009

My First week in Cleveland

It's been two weeks since I left San Francisco. Too bad, I can't upload any photos of Cleveland yet, but I will as soon as I find a way to do it! My first week here had been great! Well, except the fact that I got really sick on Thursday night...

Here is the summary of my first week in Cleveland:

1st day : Arrival / Saturday

Zipper was such a good boy on the airplanes!
I only had a couple hours to pack before I left because I went to see the new PIXAR movie "UP" and it was worth it. If you still haven't seen it yet, go see it ASAP before somebody spoils it for you! It is such an amazing movie.

2nd day : Getting ready for work / Sun

There is a mall within walking distance from the hotel I am staying at. The neighborhood is quite nice, especially for Zipper. Lots of potty areas for him!

3rd Day : First day at work! / Mon

I took a cab to work. It wasn't cheap, but I got there 40 min before the orientation started. So, I was just hanging around in front of the building, letting Zipper smell around, and took some photos of the building and the logo. Apparently, this old cranky security guard didn't like it, and he sent one of younger (well, not so young, but younger than him) security guards to talk to me. I trouble?

No, I wasn't, but it scared me for a second.
I didn't want to cause any trouble on my very first day at work!

Anyway, I did attend my orientation with the other interns, and found that most of them are from Cleveland. Some of them have done this before, and the girl sitting next to me at the orientation told me that this was her 4th year there! I felt very lucky to be there on that day.

I met my first boss and she is just awesome! Can you guess what I saw in my cube on that day? I can't wait to show the photos, but I found a "welcome board" with everybody's name and artwork on it! They even had a tiny board and a toy to welcome Zipper, too. So, I'll be working in a "Juvenile" team for the first few weeks, under this awesome boss, and my sweet team mates.

I got a ride home from my other boss the same day. She even took me to TARGET and a grocery store before she dropped me off.

People here are SO NICE!!

4th day : 2nd day at work -first meeting & first assignment- / Tues

I attended my very first meeting! It was more like a lecture class, and one of my bosses was teaching it. She is very knowledgeable, and I learned a lot about paper stocks and printing techniques (finishes) which was very exciting for me. By the way, Zipper had a two visitors during that meeting. Someone I met at the meeting knew about Zipper before I was introduced to her, too. Thank you Zipper, for making my life more fun and sweet!

I also got my very first assignment on that day! Yay!
My first assignment is to "plan" (design) a "baby's first" card. That is all I can say right now, but I thought this is a perfect assignment for me.

Can you believe that people I will be working with threw an "ice cream party" for me? They did! Someone even used balloons and papers to create "balloon ice cream", too! And I got more gifts, including a Starbucks gift card and a bag of bone treats for Zipper.

Like I said, people here are SO VERY NICE!

5th day : 3rd day at work / Wed

More meetings to attend, more people to meet, more and more to learn about greeting card design and business!

6th day: 4th day at work / Thu

More meetings. More assignments too! I got my second and the third assignment.

Starting to feel wired in the afternoon. (I thought I was too hungry.) I was going to have dinner with my friend (ex-roommate) that night, but couldn't. I started to feel even worse in her car, and asked her to drive me back to the hotel. She told me to give her a call if I would need something, or need help.

I got really sick. I won't talk about the details, but really sick... so, I called the front desk first. Unfortunately, there were no doctors who could come to my room and see me. So, I decided to go to a hospital. My friend came back right away to pick me up, and we went to the ER of the nearest hospital together.

Long story short, I picked up some kind of virus!

7th day : Fist sick day at work / Fri

Since my sickness was caused by viruses, all I could do to get better was rest, and maybe drinking lots of water and ginger ale. I at least got medications for nausea, and people at the hospital were SO NICE too.

8th Day : Sat

I was feeling better.
My boss and people from the front desk called me and asked me if I need anything. It's been a week in Cleveland, but people are just SO NICE here.

Well, this is my first week here in Cleveland.