Thursday, March 26, 2009

Textile - Heat Transfer Printing

I enjoy my textile class a lot. These are the swatches I made by using a technique called "Heat Transfer Printing" and I loved this technique!



Autumn Leaves

Violet Circles

Flower Flakes


Tanja said...

Those are some beautiful designs -- I especially like "Splash" and "Flower Flakes". Will you be making anything with the painted fabric as well, like a skirt to wear or possibly a wall hanging?

Yuka said...

Thank you for your comment, Tanja! I would love to make something with the fabrics I made, but these are just swatches, and not big enough for making stuff like skirts. However, I am planning to make a much bigger swatch for myself before this semester ends :)

Andrea said...

Yuka-- these designs are beautiful!! And I'm so glad that you're enjoying the process of creating them.

Yuka said...

Thanks, Andrea!:)