Friday, March 20, 2009


BAD girls! BEER at a museum?!

Well, this was last night (Thursday night) and we were there for what's called "Night Life" at the Academy of Science. This is such a cool idea! You can enter for $10 (Normal fee for adults is $24.95 during the day) and listen to music, eat, drink, and enjoy the museum with the help of alcohol! I want to thank my friend Annie for letting me know about this.

This is a photo of my friend Candace and I waiting in the line to get into the Rain Forest exhibit. Zipper could get into the museum no problem, but couldn't enter this area. This is the only area he couldn't get in, and it was total understandable. You don't want to bring anything unusual into the rain forest area. We had to finish our beer really quick too, before we got in!

We saw so many amazing things there, including the Sea Dragon. They are extremely sensitive to cameras, even without the flash! I saw a guy taking a photo with his iPhone without the flash, and made one twitch!
(I got this photo online.)

So, NO PHOTOS! You don't want to become the "lucky" one to kill one!
They cost $3800/ each!

Isn't he gorgeous? I love sea dragons! They are so beautiful!

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