Sunday, July 19, 2009

Farmer's Market

I also went to the farmer's market last week.
Yes, it was a very hot day!
Can you see Zipper's cute pink tough sticking out?
It was such a fun day!
(I am very sure you can see that from this pic. lol)
I met a few people from AG at the farmer's market.
One of them actually recognized me because of Zipper.

This was the fanciest pop-corn I ever had in my life!
Soooo yummy! :)


V said...

hihi Yuka,
glad u had fun there! :D
let's do something, since this is ur final weekend :( ...wish u get to stay here longer.

can i see my photos with Garth?!

have a good one

Yuka said...

Hi V!
If you don't mind, I am posting the photos of you and Garth too! ;)